Nintendo Working to Ensure Switch Won’t Have Supply Shortages This Year

It’s a well-trodden discussion at this point that Nintendo Switch hardware is exceedingly difficult to come by; unless you happen to visit a store early in the morning when a new shipment comes in, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be hard pressed to find one on shelves, and with Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. both hitting within months of each other, it seems like there may be crazy demand for the console, which continues to sell at an impressive clip on a monthly basis, in the final few months of the year.

To meet that demand, Nintendo is working to make sure that there are no more supply shortages for the Switch this year like there were through most of last year. Speaking to Game Informer, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that this is something Nintendo is “focused” on.

“Absolutely. Our goal as a business is to drive momentum and create excitement to get people who have heard about the hardware, but haven’t yet bought it, to jump in. Our biggest failure is when the consumer goes to the shelf and it isn’t there. We’re focused on making sure the supply chain is going to be robust. As we sit here today, we are highly confident that we are going to be able to meet the demand. Part of what we do is to try to drive demand as high as possible, and to therefore drive our business as strong as possible.”

Of course, Nintendo intends on shipping 20 million units of the Switch this financial year, so it does make sense that there will be a lot of them available in the pipeline and at retail- will they be enough to meet the demand? That remains to be seen. But I have a feeling the Switch should hopefully be easier to find this Holiday season than it was last year.

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