Megaton Rainfall Coming To Nintendo Switch, Oculus, Steam VR, And Xbox One in August

Megaton Rainfall, the superhero game from Pentadimensional Games that lets you become an indestructible, interdimensional superbeing, is finally getting a VR mode for PCVR users next month. Recently Pentadimensional Games has announced via their Twitter feed that their game will be made available on multiple more platforms soon.

On the PS4, the game features support for PSVR, and VR support is now going to be included in the game’s PC release as well. Not only will it be launching on the Oculus Store on August 9, but will also be launching on that same day with Steam VR support. In VR, the game will include gesture support, as well as a free roam mode. August 9 will also see the game being made available on the Nintendo Switch.

When Megaton Rainfall launched last year for PlayStation VR and a little while later for standard PC desktop monitors the title only supported DualShock 4 or other normal gamepad controllers. The tweet also mentions full gesture control and PlayStation Move support, to give that added feeling of flying around the planet.

The Xbox One isn’t, however, being left out, and the game will be launching on it as well, though a little later than all the other new versions. The Xbox One version of the game launches on September 5, a little less than a month after the other new releases. It’s also been confirmed that the game will feature 4K support on the Xbox One X.

Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero videogame in which players must fend off a global alien invasion, all by themselves. They’ll be able to unleash lethal energy blasts at foes whilst flying around the world, but care needs to be taken to avoid inflicting too much collateral damage, destroy too many buildings and it’s game over.

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