Destiny 2 Weapon Slot Changes, Vault Space Upgrade Will Release in August

Destiny 2: Forsaken promises to offer a lot of new content and changes for players, whether it’s a return to more mature story-telling style and random rolls or a new end-game zone called The Dreaming City. Recently Bungie has updated its development roadmap for Destiny 2, revealing that some features will be arriving for the game a little earlier than expected. 

According to Bungie in its latest development roadmap update, weapon slot changes, bulk shader deletion and additional Vault space (with 200 additional slots for a total of 500) will arrive on August 28th. Changes to the weapon slots essentially mean rocking three varieties of the same weapon type, though some will obviously stay in the Power weapon slot. This allows players to test out the ammo economy and mess with new load-outs before the DLC drops.

Alongside the weapon slot changes, the preload update will also include a few changes and new features. Milestones and Challenges will also be coming along with Heroic Story missions. Though “Power Matters” for Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine will be live on September 4th, the former won’t be available on the same day. Don’t worry though – all players will get three new Crucible maps for free (with PS4 owners receiving an exclusive additional map) across a variety of PvP playlists.

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